Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Clark in Tehran

Just before Khomeini's return to Iran, a visitor arrived in Tehran to take part in the anti-American demonstrations: Ramsey Clark; Marching under banners that declared "Death to America", Clark declared his full support for Khomeini;

Military professionals were amazed at how quickly the 350,000-man Iranian army was paralyzed so quickly; General Robert E. Huyser (USAF) is one name that comes up repeatedly; #2 name under Alex Haig at NATO, sent to Iran in Jan (just before the Guadelope meeting where Carter told W. Germnay and France that the U.S. was dumping Shah);

On Jan 16, the Shah left Iran; Huyser was in constant contact w/ Brzezinski; that they must not move militairly against Khomeini; must not move against Khomeini, no matter what mnight happen; if they did, the U.S, woudl cut off all arms shipments, "cut them off at the legs";
Huyser foiled several coup attempts; civilizan gov incapable, then the U.S., woudl support a military takeover of Iran; w/ General Huyser's mission, Khomeini would not have come to power effortlessly; could have resulted in civil war;

Of the generals that signed the neutrality delcaratoin, 10 were shot by Khomeini;


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